“Catherine’s work is more than a psychic experience. It contains the keys that open the doors to the true inner powers of the human mind. Catherine, thank you for such an important contribution to a new awakened humanity.”
Dr. John F. Demartini
as seen on The Secret, Chiropractor and author


Fractology enables profound connection to the authenticity of the self. Backed by science, it is a reliable and consistent healing system, inspiring powerful spiritual awareness and life transformation.

Our energy has an underlying structure, our own unique fractal pattern. We all know what a fractal is, even if we don’t know the word. All natural shapes are fractals; trees, clouds, ferns, snowflakes. They are the one pattern repeated over and over again to give us a more complex pattern

With the trained perception a Fractology Practitioner our fractal becomes a map. We can use it to heal the negatives in our lives, which is where the pattern has become broken or distorted and needs ‘rebooting’. Equally, we can focus on strengthening this pattern, which has the effect of assisting us to expand and realise greater abundance and more of our true potential.

When our fractal pattern is weakened we experience:

  • Difficulty and scarcity
  • Self-compromise and loneliness
  • dis-ease and limitation
  • fear and anxiety
  • anger and depression
  • doubt and confusion
  • hopelessness and despair

When our fractal pattern is clear and strong we experience:

  • joy in life
  • inspiration and fulfilment
  • excitement and happiness
  • ever expanding understanding and self-expression
  • purpose and awareness of truth
  • certainty
  • love
  • healing and vitality

Sessions are available through Annandale, Sydney, or the Blue Mountains or throughout the world via skype. Training is available via personal tuition, self-directed format or in a Masterclass.

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Dr. Catherine Wilkins

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